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6. Solid build quality with metal mag tube and pump These days there are some great Gel Blasters available, straight out of the box many will fire at over 200 feet per second (FPS). On average, when a shot is fired, the velocity can reach up to 300 FPS. 00 Inc GST; Top Rated Products. popular products. 4V Battery 1 x USB Charger 1 x Muzzle 1 x Safety Glasses All of our Gel Blaster Rifles come with a free packet of gels, safety glasses and all accessories needed for operation. About 45% of these are Sandblaster, 5% are Abrator. 00 $36. Desert Eagle mag feed gel blasterX-Force toy guns & Gel Blasters - Duration: 6:42. M4A1 Gen8 - Gel Blaster - Starter Pack Out of stock. Rate of Fire; Up to 15 gels p/s. 4v. Lots of information is real. 4v rechargeable battery 1 x USB charging cable 1 x Removable scope 1 x Bipod stand 2 x Extendable Outer Barrels (2 size options) 1 x Safety Glasses. We build custom gel blasters, as well as stock gel blaster parts and accessories. 1 x High quality full-length HK padded carry bag with pockets, elastic loops and zip pocket. Valued at $235. The gel balls used in these blasters are mostly made of water, therefore they are non-toxic, leave no stains and are environmentally friendly. This beauty also sports an ergonomic magpul pistol grip, key-mod handguard with accessories, and a practical and comfortable CQB stock. Dust Cover Partially Slides Open with Every Pump. ACT, QLD, NT, WA and SA, have no restrictions on owning, using or possessing a Gel Blaster toy gun. 2 spring. Shop Tactical Edge, we post Australia wide. The teeth count on the ladder doesn't do much as the disengagement will always be the same, BUT, short stroking and DSG's will require you to shave teeths. Gearbox: Pump Action. Includes: 1x Brand new ZH M249 Saw V4 Gel blaster 1x Bipod 1x Metal handle 1x Protection goggles 1x High capacity magazine drum 1x Rechargeable 7. Vector v2 Magazine. hk m27 iar black 6mm electric airsoft rifle - 400 fps. Colour: Black Construction: Nylon Gearbox Type: Generation 8 Mod Ready: Yes Firing Mode/s: Single, Semi-Auto, Automatic. Unleash the ultimate foam firepower from your blaster! Shoot harder and farther with higher rate of fire from these upgraded motors. M. hk 416 a5 - 6mm - tan. Open hours: Mon - Tues 10am to 4pm, Wed 10am - 5pm, Thurs 10am - 7pm, Fri - Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun 10am - 4pm For outdoor fields, velocity is usually regulated by the type of gun. In the Box is more m416 dcobra upgrade 400 fps BB 012 repaint full black plus pemberat. Founded in 2017, Hawkex Tactical is one of Australia's 1st Gelball Gear Retail Store. Jan 19, 2018 · Maximum FPS gel blaster build (the fable box) - Duration: 10:47. gel gun m4 ak uncl go gun m4 stock airsoft gearbox m4 nwell gearbox gel blaster camera digit Big promotion for : vltor blaster gel jm scar ak uncl gun small m4 stock 14mm ccw nwell gearbox gel gun Low price for : blaster gun nerf children gun ak47 gun black water gun m14 rail butt stock m4 quest vr 4d gun ak gearbox Insightful Reviews for Sniper: 550FPS and do not shoot less than 15 meters, mandatory secondary up to 400 fps. Rp 400. A wide variety of blaster options are available to you, such as abs, pp, and pvc. [There will likely be more direction on FPS/KJ limits in the future – DT]. ASP "Max Power" Gel Ball Blaster Fully Automatic Mini-Gun View. Uses 7-8 mm Gel Balls 1 x Brand New CYMA M4 – Gel Blaster (CQB) 1 x CYMA Gel Ball Magazine 1 x 7. Gel balls need to be hyrdrated (grown) in water before they can be used in your Gel Blaster. This gel blaster is for the AK lover, do not miss out - grab yourself one now! Free shipping for all orders over $40 For more Introducing the SLR CQB Gel blaster - Black, with its high quality nylon constructed SLR receiver. 20g BBs, electric airsoft guns are similar to spring-powered airsoft guns but don’t require you to manually cock the gun, instead relying on battery power to fire. we just do mods, upgrades, repairs and custom blasters for the more passionate DB Metal/Wood Gas 98K SHELL SNIPER Gel Blaster $ 550. $400. com] · Veil Stroke [focuscamera. Introducing the SLR CQB Gel blaster - Black, with its high quality nylon constructed SLR receiver. To make it perfect, we make the gun in AEG version (Non Blow Back Rifle). 1v LIPO BATTERY FIT M4A1 GEN 8,9,10 SCAR v1,v2 + MORE 4 GEL BLASTER GUN. $35. WHAT IS A GEL BLASTER; STOP & THINK; Coming Soon; FAQ; TERMS; CONTACT; CART; OP Force Delta Gel Blasters. HK416d 3. See link for more details. 1V 20+ -----*METAL RED DOT SCOPE Mungkin bagi kalian para penggemar senjata perang-perangan sudah tidak asing lagi dengan bentuk replika ( Mainan ) dari Styer Aug-A1. May 29, 2019 · Before I say any more, this is a really bad idea, and was a terrible blaster. Blaster Fail to screw the magazine end cap properly may result in low FPS, weak blow back cycle and no slide lock when magazine is empty Velocity: 320 ~ 350 FPS (Canadian Version 380 ~ 400 FPS ). Upgrading your Gel Ball Blaster Gearbox is not only one of the best ways to better understand your blasters internals, it will also get you a better performing blaster for your next skirmish. I think 3 FPE isabout what you need to penetrate skin (bare skin) reliably, is said to be the least that will kill a rat. Spray de muy alta protección, muy resistente al agua, sin efecto blanco. Whether the competition is a 1-on-1 battle or a squad-sized skirmish, the Artemis XVII-3000 blaster brings exciting intensity to the action. Reason one:tappet is broken Solution:Swap a new one Have a look into an ATK hopup and perhaps a 1. Sold Out Sale LuoChen G36C SMG Gel Blaster (For Kids) Rated 4. SALE!!! MP5 Gel Blaster $150. 1V Battery. 1 x Red Muzzle. 12g airsoft BBs Built-in Hop-Up system Fixed front and rear sights Single action 12-round drop-out magazine Metal parts Sticky gel target with fold-out tray One 400-count bottle of . NOTE: Gel blasters are toys only and are Gel Blasters are the hottest toy on the market and we are fully stocked! See our full range and buy online at Extac. You can also choose from descaling / stripping, degreasing, and burnishing dust blaster, as well as from high pressure cleaner, clean-in-place (cip), and manual dust blaster, and whether dust blaster is cold water cleaning. 450 fps airsoft gun 400 fps airsoft gun 500 fps Airsoft ,Gel Ball Blaster. Low Guido's Chop Shop 27,094 views. 00 out of 5. Su fórmula protege eficazmente de la radiación UV, previniendo el daño producido por los radicales libres. h&k 416 a5 black 6mm electric airsoft rifle - 370 fps. 10:47. Clean, Solid Design. UP Your Blaster Game. Penetration is primarily a function of momentum, so tripling the velocity of the Oct 24, 2019 · Maximum FPS gel blaster build (the fable box) - Duration: 10:47. Outer diameter of 18mm For higher performance up to 400+ fps use Fixed version. The HK416D is an absolute beast from the box. - Adjustable Stock Positions - Long picatinny Top Rail We have done all the hard work putting her together, all you need to do is charge up the batteries Gel ball blasters are toy replicas that electrically propel small water-soaked polymer balls that safely disintegrate on impact. It also features an alloy outer barrel, with a alloy inner barrel. Jinming Gen8 M4A1 Gell Blaster $120. When a dart is fired and passed through the scar barrel, this imparts a spin $350 Fully modded cnc mk hybrid box in receiver Category : Gel Blasters Cnc mk hybrid box Shs 13:1 gears Oil slick cylinder Shs piston Double oring piston head Metal cylinder head and nozzel Shs bushes Perun v2 optical mosfet 39,000 rpm purple chi high speed/torque motor M140 spring is capabale of 400+fps in receiver and running C When I was younger - I had no impulse control and I did things without even thinking about it so before you call me a piece of shit, hear me out. 00. My head set is. 1 x Gel Ball Magazine. No Jaguar vesion is great, means they can push the ambition boat out still and design the game around zen2 and SSD. 5mm)* gel balls high fps grade gel gun blaster ammo Regular price $34. Regular price $29. $454. Price $25. 29 May 2019 gel balls become really really inconstant after 400fps and basically just break over 500fps metal gen8 boxes are garbage, such low quality  26 Mar 2020 FULL 400+ FPS METAL BLASTER BUILD VIDEO (START TO FINISH) **INSANE ** - Duration: 3:28. 4mm Soft Metal Spring Is Rated At 290-330 Fps In A Well Sealed Gel Blaster Gearbox. Customers are advised to consult local state laws regarding Gel Blasters. Regular price $189 Sale price $145 Sale View. EXTERNAL MODS. The best gel blaster Pistol's will be reviewed and compared. Australia Local Gel Blaster Wholesaler. Dimensions are 23/5/3cm weighs about 150g adds weight to blaster. A bloke with an M4 had an ATK hopup installed and it was shooting well over 40m. 1:Short range. A Gel-gun or hydro blaster is a toy firearm that slots in somewhere between a paintball gun and an airsoft gun. Solid Magpul Pump Handle. Metal outer barrel including metal tip. 00 out of 5 $ 69. 95. - Fully functioning mode selector: Safe/Semi/Auto. wow! this version comes with upgraded stage 3. Founded with a love & Passion for all things Tactical. 00 $ 199. 0 Gel Ball blaster. Firing Range: 25 – 30 Metres. 3 mm Metal Spring Is Rated At 250-300 FPS In A Well Sealed Gel Blaster Gearbox. br was the pioneer in importing airsoft in Brazil. (35000rpm Right, but 590 fps is the speed of a BB from a pneumatic air rifle, not the speed from a typical BB gun, which runs about 250 fps for a spring air Daisy, or about 400 fps for a CO 2 BB pistol; a steel BB shot from a magnum 12 gauge will penetrate even further. We have an extensive collection of metal gel blasters, accessories, and gel blaster parts which you will love to buy. Titan Power batteries don’t leak and can hold a charge for months and still be ready to use on game day. You can also choose from ce, csa shot blaster, as well as from construction works , building material shops shot blaster, and whether shot blaster is 2 years, or 1 year. Sale! $ 400. Wouldn’t mind adding a proper barrel inside these. Free shipping and free returns on eligible items. Scar barrels are short length barrels that are attached to the end of barreled blasters. Ammo Size: 7 – 8mm item 7 A&K M4 SR-25K URX Airsoft Electric Gun Metal Gearbox 400 FPS AEG Sniper Rifle 6 - A&K M4 SR 1000 Round Mag 7 - ELECTRIC M249 GEL BLASTER TOY GUN WATER WHAT IS A GEL BLASTER; STOP & THINK; Coming Soon; FAQ; TERMS; CONTACT; CART; OP Force Delta Gel Blasters. There are 1,624 suppliers who sells blaster on Alibaba. Close Menu × Nerf Accessories Scoring Auto Reset Demountable Electric Target for Nerf Blaster Gel Beads Blaster. A wide variety of shot blaster options are available to you, such as burnishing. 1. 28:43. Designer: Rod Shampine. TE-TACTICAL DK Gel Ball Shells for M97 Shotgun Gel Blaster AU$ 5. 0 NEED HELP? Customer Service 1300 848 468 Shopping Cart 0 Close Shopping Cart: A. 29 External Modification Soft Darts Blaster MP Oct 05, 2017 · i had this settings with the sound blaster z and sennheiser game zero headset - i noticed people from miles away compared to the default settings or onboard sound. address: unit d/17 annie st, coopers plains qld 4108 © copyright 2018 gel blasters australia. Gelsoft Pro's Upgraded Alloy Nozzle Is Vital To Getting The Most FPS Out Of Your Blaster With The Least Amount Of Stress On Your Gearbox. 14mm thread. 1 x M870 Shotgun Gel Ball Blaster. Sale! Product on sale $ 190. Please select gel ball blaster shipping on checkout. Gel ball capacity: approx 20. HSG Adjustable Over Barrel Hopup Suits all 9. privacy policy | terms and conditions | refund policy Features: - Full nylon shell - Bipod stand - Removable accessories - Magazine - Full auto fire only - Material: ABS Included: 1 x Brand New M82A1 Sniper Rifle - Gel Blaster 1 x Gel Ball Magazine 1 x 7. FREE 10,000 GEL BALL AMMO. $118. So +1 for @Cleveland_SteamR for his work on this. 1 x Brand new LDT HK416 Gen. Hope you HK 416D K3 Many other sites sell this magnificent blaster for $320-350. Kriss vector V2 nylon tube+shoulder stock. Go into battle as Team Blue with this version of the Artemis XVII-3000 blaster. Specialising in the sale of Gel Blasters , our selection of Blasters at Gel Blaster Gun offer our customers a wide range of quality mainstream blasters as well as realistic 1:1 metal Gel Rifles And also offer built from the ground up in house GBG custom rifles for the more serious skirmishers . Out of Stock. 1V Lithium Upgraded Battery And Charger Really new to Gel Blasters. 00 $25. Sale Regular price $160. Firing Range; 30+ meters. Selected materials, superior quality. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. water gel blaster aug styer v2 magazine. Quick View. 00 Inc GST; SHS M100 Spring $ 15. Buy online today. Include rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, and pistols. Focusing on range, accuracy and reliability. The M4 CQB Version features Nylon Receiver, Alloy Buffer Tube, Alloy Rear Sling Mounts, Alloy Inner & Outer Barrel, 480 Long Shaft Motor, Mag Primer, can hold two batteries in the stock & is averaging around 245-250 FPS. Oct 24, 2019 · Maximum FPS gel blaster build (the fable box) - Duration: 10:47. Regular price $35. Oct 05, 2017 · I also have a sound blaster card I just purchased. The Jing Ming ACR J10 is the new highly anticipated gel blaster release of 2019. 89 ~ AU$ 14. We care about the products we sell and ensure they are the best gel blasters on the market. Blasters by this manufacturer are known for their 'upgradability' and decent performance, but are generally of a lesser build quality than Newell blasters, out of the box. 18/Fl Oz) $19. 1/4. Nov 08, 2019 · Assuming he had a heavy load pellet in it, at point blank that gun can shoot between 400–425 fps which with 10. Metal mag release set (have grinding sigh near mag release button to fit the metal parts)Metal flash hider7. Package Includes: 1 x Well CQB . Correct barrel length is essensial for This range of gels is designed for use in all blasters up to 300 fps and are perfect for use as hire blaster gels for fields. The Scar barrel contains strings which are strung to create a 'rifling' (swirled) bore inside the barrel. This blaster feels great but sadly does not have the best performance!!! The Gel Ball industry is growing rapidly in Australia with exciting new blasters and accessories constantly being released. Jaguar needs to die. Our range of Gel Blasters are Australian stock and shipped from the Gold Coast. To operate your gel blaster, simply load the magazine with the gel balls, charge the battery and you’re ready to go. $75. 95 ($1. 3 Gel Blaster. STARTER PACKS Gen9 $200 Comes with 10,000 hardened gels, 1x Speed loader, 1x Extra mag. Great prices and discounts on the best airguns from top brands like Crosman and Gamo. 00 Read more; JOHN WICK 3 TTI STI COMBAT MASTER HI CAPA 5. 5mm inner barrelCylinder cylinder head and NuzzleMetal handguardMetal stock with battery space inside buffer tubeHop 1 day ago · BF M870 Shotgun Gel Blaster. Call Us. 4v Li-ion battery 1 x Brand New BF MK14 Gel Ball Gun 1 x High Capacity Gel Ball Magazine 1 x 11. User Instruction Available Here: (We advise watching how to put it together) Use discount code BEAR Bear Archery 400 FPS Bear X Intense Crossbow Package [focuscamera. This sound amplifiers muzzle increase the sound of firing your airsoft gun for an awesome added intimidation factor. Great Prices! Shop Now. Cleveland ‘Youngblood’ Incredible Wear Gel Liner $ 17 Buy Natrol Vitamin D3 10, 000 IU Tablets, 60 Count on Amazon. If you’re an enthusiast or purchasing your first gel blaster, this model is a killer blaster to have in your arsenal. XYL Python ZP-5 Smith and Weston (20cm) Manual Revolver Gel Ball Blaster Pistol Revolver style ABS and Metal Construction 1:1 Scale Lockable Hammer Shoots gels at approximately 70-90 fps Distance approximately 5-8m Uses 7-8mm gels Rotating Metal cylinder revolver Please note this toy is manual and there is no need for Jungle Tactical are a wholly Australian owned and operated retailer of Gel blasters based in Cairns, bringing the best gel blasters and gel blaster accessories to you. Read more. Gel blaster Upgraded GBG HIGH END WATER GUN $400. Uses 7-8mm gel balls. This Nerf Rival blaster unleashes high-impact rounds at a velocity of 100 fps (30 mps) with impressive accuracy. 260+ fps Comes with a carry case. They are dispatched daily from our Brisbane warehouse. how to shim a gel blaster gearbox (ultimate SCAR episode2) - Duration: 34:00. 1 x Flash hider. Link for this Nerf gun attachment: Thingiverse. New Quick View. So besides the usual… Results 1 - 24 of 197 Online shopping for Sports & Outdoors from a great selection of Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns & more at everyday low prices. Caution is necessary when installing the Microguns grip, pinching of air lines or wires could cause the blaster to not function properly. I have a Cyma Short M4 that has been modded with the following: Metal Well CQB. This assault-rifle look-a-like offers you a sturdy gun capable of firing capsules at 250 feet per second (fps). M27 GBG Gel blaster Upgraded HK416V3. Regular Price $17. Gell Ball Marketplace is a platform designed to provide the community with an easy and hassle free approach to buy, sell or trade gel blasters and gear online. - Material: Nylon. However certainly keep in mind that tech work isn't for everyone, and correctly upgrading your Gelball gearbox isn't something you want to consider lightly. Metal sling mount, A high quality blowback function, Semi autu&full auto shot, Drum magazine, True to real gun markings, Metal inner barrel, 11. There are 874 suppliers who sells shot blaster on Alibaba. 00 $40. or Best Number 1 gel blaster provider and the best supplier for gel blasters in Australia. Hit targets that are further away with more accuracy Refine your aim, trajectory, and grouping This product ships directly to you fro TACTICAL HIGH END TRUE 1200mAH 11. 4mm Soft Metal Spring For Gel Blaster Gearboxes Gelsoft Pro's Upgraded 1. grains of lead, or better yet, copper jacketed lead, that’s generating about 4 fpe. Fully automatic Airsoft Electric Guns (AEGs) are often set at 120 metres per second (400 ft/s) and less, semi-automatic DMR-style AEGs at 120-140 metres per second (400-450ft/s), and 140-150 metres per second (450-500ft/s) for bolt-action sniper rifles. 11. 27 Oct 2018 More stores open in Queensland, with one Brisbane retailer saying he sells up to 400 gel blasters a week. 99 High Performance Modified Kit for JM Gen9 Gel T Water Gel Beads Parts Switch Release with Chamber for SKD Glock Water Gel Beads Blaster Modification Upgrade - Black Features:. All orders have free shipping! These airsoft guns are battery-powered and can usually be fired in semi or fully automatic mode. It comes with these features, Very high quality nylon construction and gears. The O ring, alloy barrel and larger spring is a great place to start beginners on their journey, but your performance will be hardly improved when your shots dramatically change by 10/30 FPS every shot. Apr 24, 2018 · Customised one a while back 3D printed some custom shells that only have one gel in them. We offer cost price ammunition as well as competatively priced blasters and accesories. 22 Mar 2020 400FPS Venom Metal Gel Blaster build Another sensational build from the modpit with 400FPS which is now becoming the FIELD TESTING MULTIPLE HIGH FPS BLASTERS FEAT- **DSG**/**HPA** - Duration: 13:28. " See all Item description 60 FPS is fine as you have 4 x Jaguar = Zen2 at least, so 60 FPS Zen2 still allows lots of nice things over Jaguar at 30 FPS. 360 fps Fires 6mm, . Elite Force Airsoft. 100% Free The S1897 is a great bang for the buck gel blaster! With a simple manual action and large internal hopper it can be hours of fun without worrying about charging batteries. They're basically a weak airsoft-like toy shooter that fires those little gel balls you see often in vases. Real-time status of nitrogen generator, FPS leak rate, runtime, maintenance reminders, and remote monitoring capabilities The gold metal 6mm air pistol is an ideal product for shooters who need a designer weapon thats appealing and functional. Australia’s Premier Toy Blaster Retailer EST 2010. Firing Modes; Safe/Semi/Automatic WHAT YOU RECEIVE;- 1x New Nylon M4A1 Gen9 Gel Blaster- 1x Flash hider- 1x Electric magazine- 1x 1500mAh 7. Jungle Tactical strive to bring you the latest products. 00 Read more; WAT/Kublai Full Metal MK18 9″- Black $ 550. Its this increase in FPS that everyone is chasing, the problem is often the higher the FPS the worse the accuracy! At Ghost Corp. Gelball undercover 4,276 views. 1 day ago · BF M870 Shotgun Gel Blaster. also the red-zone noise was much more bearable and the shoots wasn't that loud that i didn't hear anything else anymore. Went up in FPS a bit (low 100s) However that’s as far as we messed around with it. We also stock a large range of gel ball gun accessories such as tactical backpacks, vests & other Military Gear. Members. Dart velocity (fps) primarily is a result of flywheel gap distance (crush), supported secondarily by appropriately sized motors, wiring, switch, battery pack and other system components. 7 out of 5 stars 235 $18. Not only does this gel blaster have the looks, but it also has the practicality you would come Oct 24, 2019 · Maximum FPS gel blaster build (the fable box) - Duration: 10:47. 31 Mar 2020 The Mod Pit at it again with another insane build, this is a Falcor full metal blaster with an average of 420FPS. INTERNAL MODS. 00MM OD) PTK Foregrip. Get the max FPS out of your blaster with these tunned length extended Aluminium Barrels. Battery 260 fps, Comes with warinterest 10,000 Description Introducing the UDL XM1014 Shotgun Gel Blaster Featuring a 1:1 ratio shotgun build, shell eject, full nylon construction with some alloy parts. The original orange part can be replaced with black Jun 19, 2020 · Approx 235 FPS & a range of 20-25 metres. Please note: Gel Blasters will not be shipped to Victoria, New South Wales,  Phantom Extremis Rifles MK5 S. © 2019 Gelball Undercover. Adjustable and super flexible to work with a wide range of FPS. Quick View The M4A1-J9 is perhaps the most anticipated blaster to be released to date due to its predecessor, the M4A1 gen 8, being such a standout among gel ball enthusiasts. 99 Sale. Gel Ball Capacity: Approx 80. com. all rights reserved. Also selling an aluminium gel blaster silencer. Casamatatg. 4V Battery (Metal Gear version) USB charge cable TT-JM-M4A1 Toy GEL Blaster (TE100201) RIFLE Out of stock. LDT Universal Hop-Up Hey gel blaster fans! Today I will list some mainly problems we always have with our blasters in daily as well as the solution. $20 #38 iron throne $50 #32 deatheing $25 #14 super saiyan goku (glow) $17 #52 batman $12 #77 norious big $12 #207 the arrow $12 #361 spyro and sparx $12 #378 callum lynch $12 Introducing the SLR CQB Gel blaster - Black, with its high quality nylon constructed SLR receiver. 3 Male Straight RG179 Pigtail Cable 15CM. Step 1: Pour at least 2 litres of CLEAN water into your grow container. Not only does this gel blaster have the looks, but it also has the practicality you would come - One gel ball per shot - Firing Power: Approximately 400 FPS - Firing Range: Up to 25 meters Buckshot: - 2-6 gel balls per shot- Firing Power: Approximately 270-290 FPS - Firing Range: Up to 15 meters Package: 1x hanke M97 Gel Ball Blaster 1x red muzzle 1x black muzzle 1x metal sling attachment 1x safety glasses 1x Bag of gel balls Best Gel Blaster Pistols (Electric) 2020 + Reviews . Note: These springs are designed to work with the GJ Metal Bolt Upgrade Kits only. 1 day ago · Color: Black or Camo. $280 Negotiable. 3 mm Soft On T This Gel Blaster Comes Out Of The Box With 300 FPS, Dead Straight Accuracy. Adapted to the SKD Glock Water Gel Beads Blaster upgrade. Gel Blasters are legal throughout most of Australia. it has since been dissembled and parted out. Looks at FPS, build quality, Upgrade potential and Magazine capacity. privacy policy | terms and conditions | refund policy 240-250 FPS and 12RPS Package Includes: LDT MP5 gel blaster H&K branded carry bag with shoulder strap Drum mag Hop up 11. 3 mm Soft Metal Spring Features: FPS Rating: 250-300 Thickness: 1. Rated Alpha King AK-74M Gel Blaster (Long Barrel Version) Rated 4. 1 x Safety glasses. We sell Gel Blaster toy guns across 14 locations in Brisbane - Adelaide - Toowoomba - Mackay - Rockhampton - Bundaberg - Hervey Bay. If you want quality, this is the blaster for you! If you're an enthusiast or purchasing your first gel blaster, this model is a killer blaster to have in your arsenal. 100% brand new with high quality. 0/2. $469. Description Introducing the Jin Ming Gen 11 AK Gel Blaster The AK J11 features great performance right out of the box with 230-240 fps, Functional Blowback, Nylon Build and picatinny rails. Add to High quality and a variety of best cheap water gel blasters gun 2020 from zhenduo online store. Learn more. One of the finest blasters with Warinterest gearbox. com, mainly located in Asia. hk 416 a5 - 6mm - black. 4k. 1 x 7. Small Standard 7. A Hop-up puts backspin on the gel balls reducing the air pr Wells M401 Gel Blaster Magazine. 99 Read more; UMP-45 Gel Blaster w/ Gen 8 Gearbox (Black) Sale! $ 225. Gelball undercover 5,400 views · 3:28. 95 Upgraded 1. r/GelBlaster Rules. Rp 1. A gel ball game in central Queensland on a specially constructed field. It Provides A Perfect Seal Between The Cylinder Head & Barrel With Its Internal Seal And Is Required To Get The Best Seal Out Of Your Gel M24 Shell Ejecting Sniper Rifle - Gel Blaster. however the rate is close to 200%. 000 (2) Tambah ke Wishlist. 14 Apr 2020 FULL 400+ FPS METAL BLASTER BUILD VIDEO (START TO build for yet another customer, metal blasters have been coming in left MODPIT VS 420FPS CUSTOM BUILD **INSANE GEL BLASTER** - Duration: 1:48. Nerf MediatorI, Modulus, N-Strike The Nerf N-Strike Modulus Mediator core blaster features pump-action, clip-fed blasting. He had the backspin cranked so much the balls would actually start to rise just after the 40m mark - a bit inefficient but it was definitely an eye opener for me on how effective a quality hopup can be. Top grade material and fit with gel balls, gel blaster upgrades, and tactical gears. 95 $19. [August 28, 2019] Assemble Gun M24 M24 Machine Gun, Airsoaft M24, M4 Carbine, M24 Chaffee, M24 Gel Blaster, M24 Tactical, M24 Airsoft, Pellet Sniper Rifle, U. Well Nylon T-Piece and Spring Suite MRT/CQB Blaster. Jul 11, 2018 · Sounds like you’re looking for something like 6mm paintballs Yep, it’s really a thing and you can use them in your airsoft gun. $120. com offers 1,291 sand blaster products. Check Out Our. Detachable 400-round BB magazine in rifle shoots up to 350 fps; Pistol shoots up to 200 fps; Kit includes: airsoft rifle, airsoft pistol, pistol holster, sling mounts,  Find gel blasters ads. This keeps you in the fight longer with any loss of power. Low Guido's Chop Shop 25,295 views. TT-MILKYS (10000) GEL CLEAR BALLS. This pistol has a 1:1 scale and has special hardware that provides high-velocity shots. M4 Wells Mag. this build was purely for science. 95 $ 18 . $ 400. V2 Kick Off Lever $ 15. 3-7. At the time of writing this, restriction to own or use Gel Blasters exists in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. New Range Arriving Soon . 387 likes · 8 talking about this. If a user points a gel blaster at someone who believes it is a real weapon, it can also result in a common assault charge. 00 Read more It can do the same thing in regards to losing Fps inconsistently such as 10—40fps. The JinMing ACR J10 Tan is one of the latest gel blasters on the market. Latest products. ricky waworga 1,479 views. 4v Lipo. just to see what it took, and what was Reviews for the best Gel Blaster SMG's - Includes LeHui Kriss Vector, Jinming MP5 V2, Bing Feng P90 V2 and Bing Feng MP7 V3. 5” Touchscreen display (HMI) with SMART-Track technology. Regular Price AU$350. 330MM Blue Polished Inner Barrel (7. Local Business The ‘firearms’ concerned are toy guns called ‘Gel-guns’ or ‘Hydro-blasters’ because they fire a gel pellet that has been soaked in water. Some of the better one are pushing 300+ fps out of the box, and 400+ fps with basic upgrades. It comes with: * Nylon Body * Nylon gearbox * Nylon flip up sights * Extra gels * Rechargeable battery with USB charger * Safety glasses and bottle Shoots around 240 fps and 20-25 m distance. 000. Unequal Length Makes It Softer On The Gearbox While Still Providing Maximum Performance. Mar 12, 2019 · They reiterated a few times that if you upgrade your blaster, you are upgrading your toy – while upgrading of toys is not policed, they are in talks with Ballistics. 231 Murdering Point Rd Silkwood QLD 4856 ABN: 84998948822 PER MK-V comes with a sound amplifier flash hider named “Sound Blaster”. DO NOT AIM AT EYES OR FACE. 1 x Bottle. My over 15 years of airsoft experience  M4A1 V8 – Gel Blaster (top seller). 99 Add to cart; XYL Gel Ball Ammo Size; 7-8mm. All The Gel Blasters We Have In Stock From Pistols To Assault Rifles, We Have The New M4A1 Gen 9 And The Old Gen 8 By Jinming, We Also Have The New Kriss Vector V2 Gel Blaster And The M401 Wells That Everyone Wants, We Also Provide Lots Of Upgrades, Accessories And Tactical Gear For Military Gelsoft Lovers The new J9 features an all nylon construction- this means the blaster is extremely tough and durable! Coupled with great FPS and rate of fire straight out of the box- this has to be the best blaster from JinMing so far! Please note: Gel Blasters will not be shipped to Victoria, New South Wales, Australia Capital Territory and Western Australia. Metal gears shimmedMetal piston and piston headMetal Bushnell raised Scope. Toy Model Automatic Water Gel ball Blaster Vulcan M134 electric machinegun m249 . 4mm Soft Metal Spring Features: FPS Rating: 290-330 Thickness Features: - Magazine fed- Removable accessories- Full Nylon Gear box- Nylon Gears- Safety switch- Extendable butt stock- High capacity magazine- Material: ABS Included:1 x Brand New M4A1 Gen 8 / V8 Gel Blaster Ball Gun1 x Gel Ball Magazine 1 x Removable scope1 x Front sight1 x 7. This Spring Is Soft On The Gearbox While Still Providing Maximum Performance. Alpha King AK74MS Gel Blaster gelblaster toy gun. Same day dispatch before 3PM. Why its special? Because its hit the HIGHEST FPS record out of the box  11 Jun 2019 for us enthusiast's , Gels are great, But as we all know they don't hold up to well when trying to achieve 300-400 Fps. M97 PUMP SHOTGUN NYLON GEL BLASTER ADULT SIZE. Average projectile velocity; 260 fps. The . www. We Have Put Many Hours In To The Design Of The M4 Elite So That It Has Every Thing You Need To Get Started And Every Thing An Advanced Player Requires To Play Well. 1 x Magazine. These are measured There are a multitude of combinations when it comes to selecting a Flywheel Cage and Flywheels which can be quite confusing to many. Water bomb size: 7-8mm crystal shell. Brand New. 1 x 10,000 pack of gel balls (milky) Exclusive gel blaster Develop from A to Z: Just upgraded parts FPS: 320 FPS Compact gel blaster but powerful for this size Long rang gel blaster: 28-30 straight shot Descriptions Technical specifications Introduction to the GBG BW15 Compact Rifle Presentation of the GBG BW15: FULL UPGRADED PARTS All upgraded parts milky white hard 40,000 7-8mm *larger white milky (7. The new LDT MP5 is maybe the best quality, factory standard gel blaster available. That’s extremely strong performance for any CO2-powered BB gun and significantly exceeds the manufacturer’s claim. 99 GEL BLASTER TOYS. 1v batteries in it's stock configuration. Features: - V2 Warinterest gearbox - 2 piece split nylon receiver - Internal Australia's Premier Gel Blasters Retailer - Huge Range of Gel Blasters, Gel Blaster Parts & Accessories with expert advice and service, we have you covered! GEL BLASTERS AUSTRALIA. Our blasters are tested before shipping! The lowest price guaranteed Lowest price guaranteed for K3! Metal buffer tube. "Plantronics Rig 400 Stereo Gaming Headset" Please help me out :)!!! Thanks so much We have tested this in the v2 metal bolt kit V2 and it increased Feet Per Second well over 400 fps. She is built with the best quality nylon/polymer/metal parts. Hope this will help you later. Realistic shotgun sound when cocking. 231 Murdering Point Rd Silkwood QLD 4856 ABN: 84998948822 Gel Blasters are the hottest toy on the market and we are fully stocked! See our full range and buy online at Extac. 1V Li-Po Rechargeable Battery 1 x USB Charging Cable 1 x Bi-Pod stand 1 X Muzzle 1 x Safety Glasses 1 x Gell Ball Starter Pack (Recommended to purchase more) Firing Power: Approximately 240 FPS Firing Range: 25+ Metres. Not only does this gel blaster have the looks, but it also has the practicality you would come BLG M16 GEL BLASTER RIFLE. 00 $ 349. Please note this product is 9 acr acr10 Adapter AEG Alloy BD556 Fighting Bro Fishbone Gel Ball Gel Blaster Gen Gen8 gen9 gen10 HK HK416 j8 j9 J10 JG JIN Jin-Ming JIN MING Jinming JM Jm8 JM9 jm10 KUBLAI LDT M4 M4A1 M401 Magpul Metal MING Nylon polymer SLR Threaded TTM Upgrade V2 Well M4 View our full range of Gel Blaster toy guns online at Extac Australia. 00 M16 Gel Blaster Rifle. GEL BALLS. (alot of people assume the ladder is related to gear ratio. MRT M4 Gearbox. Section 57A of the act, titled “Exemption for Airsoft Guns ”, as you may expect, outlines what an airsoft gun is, and  Measuring initial velocity from 30 m / s to 400 + m / s (90 fps ~ 1200 + fps) WST LCD Screen Display Professional Chronograph gel blaster Bluetooth support. A wide variety of sand blaster options are available to you, such as machine type, use, and industry used. The Xploderz are a new line of guns from the Maya Group that shoot small gel balls (called H2Grow Ammo) from 50 to 85 feet. hk mp7 a1 - 6mm - black. 52 Sintered nylon T Piece for LH Kriss Vector V2 G address: unit d/17 annie st, coopers plains qld 4108 © copyright 2018 gel blasters australia. Large Quantity Australia Stock Available We Supply Australia Wide Lowest Price Guarantee 500 fps gel blaster. ARP9. 380 plus fps with blow back. Full Metal Gearbox 400+fps NEW. One gel ball per shot. 38MM Unequal Spring. This version is for the M4A1 GEN 8 Hop-up is the back-spin put on the gel balls to increase their range via the Magnus effect. FPS Range: 330-400 FPS (Depending on Gels and PSI used) Color: Black. Circuit Board for LH Kriss Vector V2 Gel Blaster AU$ 10. M416 Automatic Rifle Manual Gel Ball Blaster Gun Water Bullet Outdoor Toy CS Z3. It has the best out of the box performance and the shell, gears and gearbox are made from nylon. Baby Doppler $ 50. DMR: 450FPS and not shoot less than 15 meters, mandatory secondary up to 400 fps. 500 S&W really achieves its potential in …Lets Talk about Upgrading Your Gel Ball Blaster Gearbox Upgrading your Gel Ball Blaster Gearbox is not only one of the best This is a SLR Version 2 Custom NYLON gel blaster for enthusiast who likes something different. Connector: SMA Female. 00 Price. Oct 13, 2019 · FULL 400+ FPS METAL BLASTER BUILD VIDEO (START TO FINISH) **INSANE** - Duration: 3:28. That would increase to around 650 FPS at 90 degrees F. Modified Gel Blasters We can make your Gel Blaster dreams come true, whatever look you are after for your blaster we can make it happen. Whats New! View Cart. Check out our range and Buy Now, Pay Later with AfterPay. these are very limited m16 fully modified limited edition-----fps: 320+ Skid-mount unit with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology Handles up to 1,650 gallons of FPS sprinkler pipe capacity UL508A Listed Industrial Control Panel 3. WGG ( Water gel gun ) adalah replika senjata dengan menggunakan peluru berbahan dasar AIR ( Gel ), mainan baru ini mulai beranjak viral di Indonesia pada tahun 2018. Jun 21, 2011 · Summer has arrived! The sun is shinning, birds are singing and it is the perfect time for kids to get outside and shoot each other! No you sickos – not with real guns, with Xploderz Blaster Guns of course. This was because the gen 8 was exceptionally versatile to upgrades both internally and externally compared to other blasters. *Note: This blaster is not suitable for running 11. 00 13% off ASP "Max Power Kublai v3 - $400. 2. 30,000 HOBBY PRODUCTS IN STOCK; 30TH ANNIVERSARY; EXPERTS IN EVERYTHING RC; CALL US: 08 8277 1111; Keywords: Products Menu Find great deals on eBay for 500 fps airsoft gun and 500 fps airsoft pistol. 1 x Strap. Shop Now. KC - MK11 Manual Mag Fed Gel Blaster Regular price $25. From mild to wild. Now that all the positives have been mentioned, let’s talk about the negatives. 1V BATTERY + CHARGER + FULL INSTALLATION + AMMO (20,000) Milky AMMO FPS: 310+ , RPS @ 11. M4CQBR BLOCK1 - Gel Blaster Regular Price $490. High quality exterior, components and gearbox to match. 4V battery 1 x USB Charging Cable 5x Bag of gel balls ( 500/pack ) Firing Power: Approximately 250 FPS Firing Range Jun 12, 2019 · The $499 RoboMaster S1 is a tank-like remote control rover packed a wealth of movement options, a dextrous gimbal, a variety of sensors, and a blaster that shoots gel beads. No, more teeth on the ladder doesn't = more fps. Time To Take Your Blaster Game Up A Level. 1 x USB charger. Gel blaster Pistols shop now. MTB 2S Honey Badger 130 Motor: The 2S Honey Badger 130 motor from the lads at MTB. Online. 99 View Tactical Edge Hobbies is Australia's most trusted retailer of Gel Ball Blasters, otherwise known as Gel Ball shooters, Gel Shooter and toy gel gun. 95 Sale FPS Blaster. 00 $ 139. Created Apr 24, 2018. 17 Jun 2019 The New UK FPS Limits. MST AKS-74U Gel Blaster. The Best P90 electric toy gun & scope red dot aeg wargame Gel Blaster fn. com FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders " Frequency Range: 400 - 470MHz. It comes with a 6-dart clip that loads into the side of the blaster. Apr 24, 2018 · Welcome to the official Gel Blaster Community! Please make sure to read the rules before posting. 4v rechargeable battery. This flywheel gap is the measured distance between both flywheels and is a May 09, 2019 · So, taking the 590 FPS test data, that means that the Legends Cowboy BB rifle tested by HAM would produce a Muzzle Velocity of 600 FPS at 64 degrees. 59 ~ AU$ 7. The balls look and feel like firm jelly. Alpha King Command Elite Hobbies is Australia's Largest Gel Blaster Mods Workshop, Wholesaler and Retail Outlet. On impact, the gel balls explode into tiny pieces, like jelly and evaporate quickly. 12g Zombie Hunter airsoft BBs DermEssentials Advanced Hand Sanitizer Liquid Gel Infused with 70% Ethyl Alcohol, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Antibacterial Gel – 8 oz (2-Pack) 3. Alexandra Hills. The next in our Nerf gun attachments list is an attachment to glue on the end of a Nerf Recon CS-6 Blaster. 4V Li-on Rechargeable Battery 1 x USB Charging Cable 1 x Safety Glasses 1 x Gell Ball Pack (Recommended to purchase more) Firing Power: Approximately 230-250 FPS K3 Copy CQB blaster toy. Installed the program. 1 x Black Muzzle. Ammo Size: 7 - 8mm. I can hear amazing from infront of me . 1 x Holographic sight. Thanks for the help though, assuming you are using elite darts, or darts with a similar weight, these "aproximate" measurments do work. 1 v. Average FPS 250 - 270. Open hours: Mon - Tues 10am to 4pm, Wed 10am - 5pm, Thurs 10am - 7pm, Fri - Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun 10am - 4pm 6 String, Ported, Adjustable Scar A solution to accuracy issues on higher velocity blasters are a well designed Scar barrel. 1volt battery (Nylon version) 7. $399. 2K likes. 00 Sale Price AU$299. ALL PARTS SPECIFIC TO THE HQ MP5K GEL BLASTER SMG. Protector solar para cuerpo y rostro con FPS 50+ para piel sensible, además no deja sensación grasosa o apariencia blanquizca. Looks is not her only quality. SSG69 Steyr Gel Blaster Camo The SSG 69 (Scharfschützengewehr 69, literally Sharpshooter Rifle 69) is a bolt-action sniper rifle produced by Steyr Mannlicher that serves as the standard sniper rifle for the Austrian Army With a strong and smooth pull of the bolt the SSG69 comes in a 4-tone green and black camouflage Gel Ball Grow Guide Welcome to the sport! This guide is designed to give you a thorough understanding of how to grow and store the range of Ausgel Gel Balls. Upgraded 1. 99 Sale price $24. shoot approx 300-350 fps and are full metal internally and out. Sold as an individual motor (1pc). These motors are a awesome upgrade to your electric blaster! Carbon brushed and ready to go! Use with a 2S LiPo for best performance. 3 mm Metal Spring For Gel Blaster Gearboxes Gelsoft Pro's Upgraded 1. Category: Blasters Tag: RifleBlasters Tag: Rifle A gel blasters toy gun store that can offer great high quality gel ball blaster guns, gelsoft, gel balls, upgrades accessories, tactical gears for customers in Introducing the SLR CQB Gel blaster - Black, with its high quality nylon constructed SLR receiver. The STD CS-009 is probably the best performing gel blaster pistol on the market, great rate of fire and a 2 x QBU-88 Manual Gel Blaster Sniper COMBO (For Kids) Sale! Product on sale $ 210. 33MM ID and 9. - Manual loaded spring. You can also choose from water gun, high pressure gun blaster, as well as from electronic toy blaster, and whether blaster is rubber, plastic, or eva. Since Airsoft is 100% completely banned in Australia, Airsoft enthusiasts in Australia have switched to Gel Ball shooters. Gel Blaster Bingfeng T- Piece MP7. Released October 2019 Automatic&semi auto 2 piece split receiver. 00 Sale Price $400. I've spoken of a new batch of Gel Ball Shooters since Mid April and they're in! 3 new types of M4, all with interchangeable Stocks! A Minigun too! For those whom fancy themselves a bit of old school or even Fallout 4 cosplay, we have the Tommy Gun ready to go. When I was about 11, I went to a friends house and he had one of those Red Ryder BB guns that you see Titan Power batteries have the capacity to store on average 2-5 times the energy of other gel blaster batteries on the market today. Price $10. We sell a collection of gel blasters, accessories and gel blaster parts which you will love to buy. Magazine Fed: Yes Gel Size: 7-8mm Battery Included: Yes, 7. Indeed, many overseas paintball fields operate games covering all three disciplines. Explore options such as SCARS, SMGs, Rifles, MP5s and AK-47. 1 – Standard Kit $ 499. Like paint ball, gel ball is a game of  It starts with the idea that too many new (and noob) players believe the higher the gun's velocity, the “better” the gun is. 5cm Outer Diameter: 12mm Inner Diameter: 9mm . They start out about the size of poppy seeds, and before you get to use them, we soak them in water so that they swell to 7-8mm diameter ready for use in the blasters. TACTICAL WEAR. Army M24 Sniper Rifle, Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, Rifle Sniper BB Gun, M24 SWS Markings, M24 SWS, M24 Rifle Stock, M24 Barrel, M24 Gun Toys, M24 Sniper Weapon System, M2010 Sniper Rifle, M24 Suppressed, Cool Sniper Rifles, Rem M24 Gel toy blaster. C The Kriss Vector V2 is a very accurate blaster and features 4x fire modes- Safe, Semi-Auto, 3 Round Burst and Full Auto! Out of the box, FPS is over 200! This is currently the best blaster on the market! Please note: Gel Blasters will not be shipped to Victoria, New South Wales, Australia Capital Territory and Western Australia. Long Play PS1 (TOM & JERRY HOUSE 1 day ago · BF M870 Shotgun Gel Blaster. PRE-ORDER NOW. THESE ARE ALWAYS VERY LIMITED Brand new M4A1 GEN8 JinMing Gel Gun Blaster WITH GEN8 GEARBOX + MUTLI UPGRADE PACK + 11. There are 1,416 suppliers who sells dust blaster on Alibaba. its not about how long it takes to reach max range with this either. h&k 416 a5 tan 6mm electric airsoft rifle - 370 fps. Chapter One: Gen8 gearbox,BF Straight gearbox,standard V2 gearbox,V3 gearbox. Gel Blaster Upgraded GBG M110 Sniper Rifle from $650. Our team are gelball and gelsoft enthusiasts, and are passionate about our sport. 00 + Quick Shop. We try to solve the issue as soon as possible so you can get your hobby running again. It’s a remote Airsoft Gun, BB Gun, Electric Gun, AEG, Wholesale,Gas Blowback Guns, Spring Guns, Combat Gear, Worldwide Shipping Alibaba. 00 Add to cart; JOHN WICK 2 TTI COMBAT MASTER GLOCK G34 – Standard kit $ 499. Regular price $45. S. Azraels Armoury is the leading supplier of gel blaster in Australia. 00 Airsoft Gun, BB Gun, Electric Gun, AEG, Wholesale,Gas Blowback Guns, Spring Guns, Combat Gear, Worldwide Shipping Upgraded Alloy Nozzle With Internal Seal For Gel Blaster Gearboxes. These can be improved with certain upgrades which we also carry and can be done in-house. New in from Bei LiGe, The BLG M16 Gel Blaster was released at the start of 2019 and features your classic m16 look rounded up with decent performance. Metal barrel and outer barrel. Typically firing at a velocity between 350 FPS and 400 FPS with 0. Gel blaster SMG's shop now. Price $14. BNC Female Bulkhead Oring to DIN 1. with updated nylon gearboxShooting 280-290 FPSBattle Arm nylon Receiver. 4V Li-on Rechargeable Battery1 x USB C High capacity magazine drum ( about 1000pcs gel balls ) Metal handle Magazine fed. Barrett M82A1 Gel Blaster Sniper Rifle. Features of this gel blaster include 200-225FPS, has its own style internals, Auto Fire Mode, Compatible with Jin Ming Gen 8 Magazines,… Founded in 2017, Hawkex Tactical is one of Australia's 1st Gelball Gear Retail Store. I also have a head set that is not that insane but it should let me hear stuff from behind me. GEL BALLS pkt 10000 Quick View. Their most iconic blaster is the M4A1 Generation 8, a blaster with internals based off Airsoft Version 3 gearboxes. Kriss vector gel ball blaster full metal Top and side rail. Jun 16, 2016 · I suppose if it goes to 80 ft in 1 second, you can say it's 80 FPS, but other than that, it's not a very accurate measurement. 5mm barrels firing 7-8mm gels from 190fps up to 300fps. 00 Approximately 200 FPS (Upgrade to 11. Water should be at 21 - 23 degrees if possible. Buy. This is a great looking blaster and performance is around 200fps out of the box. 300 FPS CYMA AIRSOFT M1911 METAL ELECTRIC AEG AIRSOFT PISTOL Gun w/ 6mm BB BBs. Add to Cart. upgraded gearbox J10 JinMing ACR gel ball blaster upgraded gearbox. All rights reserved. Dimemsions: Length: 22. Jul 17, 2020 · FPS : 100 BB GEL 7-8mm (Perkiraan) Bahan : ABS Plastik Tebal SSG 69 BASR Gel Blaster Conversion to Airsoft - Duration: 28:43. Find out which sidearm will suit you the best. The Gel Ball industry is growing rapidly in Australia with exciting new blasters and accessories constantly being released. 99 Add to cart; Alpha King Gel Blaster + FREE QBU-88 Kids Sniper GBFO AUSTRALIA - Australia Local Gel Blaster Wholesaler. com]- $329 · True Timber [focuscamera. Here at FPS Blaster we sell, repair, service and modify all makes and models of gel ball blasters. 2000mAh 11. Blasterbits, Perth, Western Australia. Check out Benny putting this  20 Apr 2020 This latest upload is about our high powered 360-420FPS blasters being taken out for a field test to see the range and accuracy that can be  15 Nov 2018 Today we un-box this VERY SPECIAL No Branded Shotgun Blaster. Quick View Gel Blaster Upgraded GBG AR15 with metal gearbox $350. BK. - come in store and speak to our armourer today Sort by Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new FPS 400 and Under (17) FPS 350 and Under (14) Find in Store. 95 . NEW VERSION 2020 Beast designed and manufactured PRO LONGSHOT Hopup. 400mm Threaded Aluminium Barrel for Super Core and Jet breech kits. com] Include Top Coupons Grocery Video Games TV Computers Credit Cards Home Clothing & Accessories Tech Cameras Auto Health & Beauty Babies & Kids Entertainment Travel 9 acr acr10 Adapter AEG Alloy BD556 Fighting Bro Fishbone Gel Ball Gel Blaster Gen Gen8 gen9 gen10 HK HK416 j8 j9 J10 JG JIN Jin-Ming JIN MING Jinming JM Jm8 JM9 jm10 KUBLAI LDT M4 M4A1 M401 Magpul Metal MING Nylon polymer SLR Threaded TTM Upgrade V2 Well M4 MP7 V3 - Gel Blaster. Jinming Gen8 M4A1 Gell Blaster. 1 x Bipod stand. 00 Out of stock. iwi tavor ctar flat top-6mm-black. 5 nylon gearbox fully installed 320+ fps and accurate! this is a complete package fully assembled ready to use and sports the "wow factor" beast seal of approval (comp ready) please select gel ball blaster shipping on checkout. STD 1911 Manual Mag Fed Gel Blaster Regular price $30. Drop in for all your gel blaster needs. Este producto cuenta con un sistema filtrante de amplio espectro contra los rayos UVA y UVB patentado con Mexoryl®, el cual protege contra las quemaduras solares y el fotoenvejecimiento. 1V Battery for up to 50% increase in firing rate) Firing Range: All excellent condition, never removed from box, been sitting on shelf. JinMing SCAR V2 Gel blaster gun Sold Out $140. ANZAC DAY Apr 25, 2020 – Apr 25, 2020. M. Not only does this gel blaster have the looks, but it also has the practicality you would come Shop a wide selection of Airsoft Guns at Amazon. This allows you to prop your Recon CS-6 Blaster against your shoulder for added stability to make that perfect shot. US$ 5. Do not install this into a standard Blaster as it will damage your blaster. Australia's Premier Gel Blaster Supplier. 00 $160. 2019 Features: Manufacturer: Bei LiGe 2019 Alloy barrel with plastic outer barrel sleeve Up to 25m shooting distance Up to 15 high rounds per second Up to 200-230 fps Full auto firing mode only Compatible with JinMing Gen 8 Magazines and drum magazine ABS Plastic construction 7v Power Uses 7 The M4 Long Version features Nylon Receiver, Alloy Buffer Tube, Alloy Rear Sling Mounts, Alloy Inner & Outer Barrel, 480 Long Shaft Motor, Mag Primer, can hold two batteries in the stock & is averaging around 245-250 FPS Package Includes: 1 x Brand New CYMA Long Gel Blaster 1 x Magazine 1 x 7. Birkdale, QLD. iwi tavor ctar WAT Full Metal 12″ FAB 4 (Salient Arms) $ 750. $50. gel blaster 400 fps

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